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Luke Thompson

Joined Jul 22 2010
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Tri-Cities, Washington
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Greetings, those of high 'potential' , (sorry, bad pun)

My name is Luke Thompson and i'm an undergraduate student at Washington State University. I'm studying electrical engineering and am working towards a Masters degree and potentially a degree in Particle Physics. 

I'm an aspiring inventor and entrepreneur with my sights fixed on high power technology including high voltage electronics, energy storage, power generation and transmission in addition to transitioning theoretical physics into experimental physics. I also have a deep passion for alternative transportation, particularly in the United States. 

Some people dump their extra time and cash into their vehicle or home stereo system, but I funnel my funds into scientific experiments and inventions. I am what many may call a "Renaissance man", as I have the gift of utilizing both sides of my brain. My natural tallents have made me versatile and successful in my early carear. I am a futurist and a 'thinker'. My spare time consists of brainstorming, problem solving, researching and socializing. I live and  breathe science, technology, knowledge and friendship. 

My role models include Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Benoit Mandelbrot, Dean Akman, M.C. Escher and my father.