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700KV Van de Graaf Generator Kit


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~700KV orders require 5 business days.

~These units will now be built with CAB tubing.  This stuff does not break.  Looks like acrylic, acts like rubber.


Thank you for viewing what might be the pinnacle of the Graff Generator’s VDG designs. This model can produce over 2 foot arcs, with a maximum discharge length of 3 feet and operates with a variable speed control that will vary the output from zero to 50 - 60 micro amps of current. This is indisputably the largest and most powerful VDG you will find on the market and has been primarily pursued by research based companies, universities, and hands-on science venues such as Mad Science, Science Bob, and various city Science Centers.

For the sake of aesthetics, this entire VDG unit has been designed using acrylic and includes a 20 inch 303 high polish stainless steel sphere that produces the piercing 700,000 volt electric field. The polarity of the unit is negative however, one is capable of switching the polarity by rotating the top and bottom rollers. The VDG is powered by a 1/15 hp 4000 RPM motor that uses a 110V /60 Hz outlet. The assembly of the unit requires about 2 hours of build time. Prior to purchasing, please feel free to write in for a copy of the instructions and should there be any extra machining that you would like to have done, do ask.

VDG Dimensions and Parameters:

  • Rollers: 1.5 OD at 4 inches wide
  • Belt: .6mm metallic grey latex
  • Height: 54 inches
  • Dome: 20 inch Diameter
  • CAB Tower: 5 inch OD at 3 ft tall
  • Base: ½ x 12 x 19
  • Motor: 5000RPM (110V / 60Hz)
  • Voltage: 700KV
  • Current: 0 to 60microAmps

Kit includes Includes:

  • 700KV VDG Kit Parts
  • External Variable Speed Control
  • Replacement Static belts
  • 2 Replacement Drive Belts

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