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700KV VDG Built Version


This unitl is on back order until 3/15/17 due to spheres coming in. You are still welcome to order!

The 700KV Van de Graaff generator by Physics Playground is by far the largest and most powerful VDG on the market. Standing at 53 inches tall with a 20 inch stainless steel sphere and powered by a 5000 rpm drive system, this unit will deliver over 60 micro amps of current at voltages over 700KV. Though most arcs range between 14 to 18 inches, this unit will throw a 30 inch arc if the humidity is right.

Without a doubt, yes this VDG will do all of the tricks and plus many more and with great efficiency. The roller system, as with all Physics Playground units, is designed to create a very high friction contact with the static belt so that the unit will even operate on a rainy day with humidity’s up to 90%. Lastly, unlike other models outside of our business, this unit comes with an external speed control which is especially useful for the timid high voltage enthusiast.

The 700KV unit will now come tenite butyrate tube instead of acrylic. Tenite is extremely durable and almost cannot break. It’s like a rubber acrylic. 

Dimensions to advertised VDG (same as personalized VDG):

  • 4 feet 5 inches tall
  • 20 inch stainless steel discharge sphere
  • 4 inch wide belt
  • 3ft internal belt chamber
  • 5000 rpm belt driven motor
  • Flanged sealed bearings
  • Top & Bottom roller (3.5” wide)
  • Produces 50 - 60 micro amps

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