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700KV Drive System, Belt, Rollers, and more...


This kit is for the drive system plus rollers and more for my 700KV system that produces between 40 to 60 micro amps of current which is much more than anything on the market. I have been building VDGs now for the past 6 year or so and promise to have found the best combination for a VDG drive system to meet any high voltage enthusiast’s expectations. I would assume these parts would cost about 200 dollars after shipping under a best case scenario not to mention you are not guessing if the equipment is going to work. How many times have you purchased and then repurchased because of certain parameters not match as expected. Let me help you to do it once and do it right. Stop wasting your money!

This drive system includes the following:

  • Two rollers
  • 4 Shaft Collars
  • 4 bearings
  • 4 shafts
  • 2 pulleys
  • 3 seven inch drive belts
  • 10 x 60 inch static belt
  • Copper discharge combs
  • Solid state speed control
  • SIngle Phase 5000RPM 110V motor
  • Motor mounts
  • 700KV KIT instructions (these will be sent via email)




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