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48 x 18 inch VDG Belt Material


Van de Graaff Generator

Static Belt Material

The 48 x 18 inch belt material has a tough .5mm thickness and is used for the larger 350KV (high current) ,500KV, and 700KV generators. Gorilla Super Glue must be used to mend the belts. This belt material may not work as well for other outside generators due to the tension created by the thickness of the belt. Please refer to the 38 x 18 inch belt material at .3mm thick.

The belt sizes for the the larger generators are listed below:

350KV High Current: 34 x 3.5 inches

500KV and 700KV: 47 x 4.5 inches

How to find the dimensions to a custom VDG belt:

Length: Multiply the circumferential length by 2/3 for the overall belt length

Width: Multiply the roller length by 1.25 for the belt width

To complete your belt, cut the ends to a 45 or 30 degree angle and then make a half inch lap joint. You must use Gorilla Super Glue to complete the joint for high tension applications.

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