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KIT - 600KV High Current VDG 60+ Mirco Amps


600KV High Current VDG Kit

These models will come fully machined and take about 1 to 2 hours to build and is guaranteed to deliver the highest current you have ever experienced from a VDG. The built model stands 50 inches tall with a 16 inch sphere that can deliver up to a 16 to 20 inch arc at an incredible 60 plus micro amps when ran on high. I like to think of this model as the bulldog of VDGs because of the high capacitance such that when you are 3 feet away, you can feel the piercing electric field, however once you get within 5 inches past striking range, the electrifying current just streams to your hand and in multiple paths. It’s just something you would have to experience to truly appreciate!

Dimensions and Design:

  • 50 inch tall
  • 5 inch OD CAB tubing
  • 4 inch rollers at 1.25 OD with high friction coatings
  • 5000 RPM Motor with external speed control for zero to full speed
  • 10 x 12 x ½ inch black acrylic base
  • Neoprene drive belt
  • Brass Combs
  • Sealed Flanged Bearings

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