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XL Jacob's Ladder Kit - Climbing Arc


Jacob's Ladder Kit

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    Thank you for viewing the latest revision of the Physics Playground's Jacobs Ladder kit which now uses a 17KV solid state transformer that operates at 40 ma. These will produce a much brighter and safer arc than the traditional NST driven Ladders, not to mention lower ozone and NOx levels, however they must still be used in a very well ventilated area because the ozone and nitrogen oxides are very toxic gases. The latest revised ladder does not have a limited duty cycle and may run continuously unlike the older NST Ladders that heat up. To complete this kit you will only need basic tools and about 1 hour of free time. The instruction document is full of pictures and detailed explanations that will make this a very simple and hassle free building process. In the end, you will have one great Jacob's Ladder that produces awesome bright rising arcs power by a 45ma high frequency ac current.

Dimensions and Specs:

  • 46 inches tall
  • 7 x 10 x 5.25 inch all acrylic base
  • 36 inch 1/8 od brass rails
  • 17KV at 45ma solid state transformer
  • 36 tube at 3 inch OD (made from impact resistant CAB tubing)
  • Inline 8 foot switch cord

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WARNING: This is a high voltage item and should be used by those familiar with such equipment, therefore I must state that you must use this equipment at your own risk. All high voltage equipment such as Jacobs ladders will produce both ozone and nitrogen oxides gases which are hazardous if not deadly to ones health. You must use these in a very well ventilated area!!!


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