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38 x 18 inch VDG Belt Material


Van de Graaff Generator Belt Material

This material is designed for all of the lower current models. The material is 38 x 18 at .3mm thick which is good for all VDG designs even outside companies due to the thin nature of the material that creates a lower stress on the drive system.  Furthermore, the material holds a very good electrostatic property that is necessary for charging.  To mend the belt, please refer to any of the kit instructions.

This material will come in either red or blue depending upon what is in stock.

For the larger 500KV and 700KV models, please resort to the 48 x 18 inch belt material.

Belt Sizes:

300KV and 350KV Low Current Belt Size: 37 x 1.75

350KV High Current: 34 x 3.5 (must use un-opened Gorilla Super Glue only)

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