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400KV Van de Graaff Generator Kit (rated at 45 micro amps)


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Thank you for viewing our newest addition to the VDG family here at Physics Playground. This unit is designed for those who would like to build a Van de Graaff Generator in just an hour and also have one of the most very powerful units on the market and at a fraction of the cost.

So what is so great about this kit?

1) It is extremely powerful and is still much stronger than any Van de Graaff generator on the market plus it comes with a speed control.

2) It will do all of the tricks plus some!

3) It will run in humidities up to about 85%. This has very high efficiency set of rollers!

4) It can be built by anybody in less than an hour. Super easy!

5) It is made in the USA with many of the fabricated parts from California.

400KV Van de Graaff Specs:

•10 inch stainless steel sphere

•31 inch tall

•5000 rpm motor with speed control

•2.5 inch tubing

•7 x 10 x 9 inch base

•Produces up to 400KV + with at least 45 micro amps of current

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