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1000 ml Oil Distillation Kit


At Home or Lab

Essential Oil Distillation Kit for 1000 ml Batches

Uses Food Grade Pure Silicone Stoppers!

(This unit will come with an electric water pump - not seen in illustrations)


This unit is designed to be used at home on the stove for any type of oil distillation process. To produce the oils, just add the plant material along with two cups of water and set the heat to low. The heated water will pull the oils out of the plant material and through the condenser to make the oils. The water oil mixture is then poured into the separatory funnel to drain off the water from the bottom. Easy as that. Just pick it and steam it. For those who have asked, this unit will work just as well as the 300 dollars kits and is what I have always used in my lab classes at Tracy High California as a chemistry teacher. This unit is great for beginners or even experts.

(Please click here for instructions)


Please not that this kits uses food grade silicone stoppers and tubing along with HDPE fittings between the bioflask and condenser that will not react with the oils.

This kit includes all of the items shown in the illustration.

  Items in Kit:

• Ring stand

• Iron ring

• Large Clamp

• 1000ml beaker

• 250 ml flask

• 3 collection bottles

• 10 ft of tubing for condenser

• Condenser and separating funnel

• Food grade silicone tubing / stoppers

• HDPE connectors

• 110 VAC heater and water pump

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