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600KV Van de Graaff Generator BUILT


The 600KV model stands 50 inches tall with a 16 inch sphere that can deliver up to a 16 to 20 inch arc at an incredible 60 plus micro amps when ran on high. I like to think of this model as the bulldog of VDGs because of the high capacitance such that when you are 3 feet away, you can feel the piercing electric field, however once you get within 5 inches past striking range, the electrifying current just streams to your hand and in multiple paths. It’s just something you would have to experience to truly appreciate!

Please note:   The built model will need 5 to 10 minutes of assemble becuase the motor and tubing braces will have to be taken off for shipping due to the size of the unit.  

Click Here for 600KV Instuctions

Dimensions and Design:

•50 inch tall & 16 inch Stainless Steel Sphere

•5 inch OD CAB tubing (impact resistant material)

•4 inch rollers at 1.25 OD with high friction coatings

•5000 RPM Motor with external speed control for zero to full speed

•10 x 12 x ½ inch black acrylic base

•Neoprene drive belt

•Brass Combs

•Sealed Flanged Bearings


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