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2000 ml Basic Oil Distillation Kit


  If you are looking for a simple at home oil distillation unit that is easy to operate, easy to clean, and does all of the distillation processes at a fraction of the price, then you have come to the right spot. This unit is similar to ta vertical distillation unit because the plant material sits directly on top of the heated water and is then ran directly into the condenser.

  To conduct an oil distillation process, just add the plant material into the flask along with 500 ml of water. Next, connect the food grade silicone stopper and tubing to the flask and condenser and then begin to run water through the condenser. One the condenser is on, begin to heat the flask until the water boil and then turn down the heat. You want a nice cool slow and steady drip coming out of the condenser. Continue to heat the flask for 30 minutes. To separate the oil from the water, just add water to the small flask so that the oil sits at the mouth of the flask and then use a small dropper to pull out the oil. In short, pick and then steam it!

  This kit includes:

•2000 ml wide mouth flask 

•250 ml flask

•Silicone food grade stoppers and tubing

•10 ft of water coolant tubing

•Faucet hook up for tubing going to condenser

•Ring stand

•Large Clamp


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