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Resource for Van de Graaff Generators, Jacob's Ladders, and Distillation Equipment 

Classroom Resources

Introduction Materials

Lab Report Format for Grading

Lab Equipment Guide

Periodic Table

Lab - Intro Boiling Point and Sodium Chloride

Lab - First Day Lab

Lab - Scientific Method

Lab - Using the Bunsen Burner With Popcorn

Chemistry and Properties of Matter


Notes - Experimentation

Notes - Atomic Structure and Bonding

Notes - Physical and Chemical Change


Measurements and the Mole


Notes - Section 1SI Prefixes and Scientific Notation

Woarksheet - SI Prefixes, Scientific Notation & Conversions

Handout - SI Prefixes

Notes - Section 2 Accuacy, Precision, and Density

Lab - Thickness of Zinc

Lab - Density of a Penny

Notes - Section 3 (given on board)

Worksheet - Mass Mole Conversions






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