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Resource for Van de Graaff Generators, Jacob's Ladders, and Distillation Equipment 

Mr Graff's Physics Class: On this page you will have access to my notes, labs, older test and quizzes

Semester 1 

Chapter 1: Conversions and Measurements

Objective Outline

Notes - Section 1: Scientific Method notes.pptx

Notes - Section 2: Scientific Notation and SI Prefixes

Lab - Jump Lab

Lab - Sealed Box Lab

Worksheet - How to Use a ruler

Worksheet - Converisions

Review - Converions and Measurments

Chapter 2: Vectors (I do not teach this chapter however I have collected a few documents)


Handout - Trig Functions

Worksheet  - Analytical Vector Problems

Worksheet - Graphing Vectors

Lab - Pirate Treasure Lab

Lab - Shadow Measurement

Review - Vector Review

Test - Sample vector Test

Chapter 3: Kinematics



Notes - Section 1 Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration

Worksheet - Section 1 Displacement and Acceleration

Lab - Virtual Lab with Acceleration

Lab - Tank Speed Trap

Lab - Bombs Away (very cool!!)

Lab - Finding the Acceleration of Gravity with a Ticker Timer

Notes - Section 2 and 3 notes are given on the board

Worksheet - Graphing Motion


Sample Test

Chapter 4: 2D Kinematics


All notes are given on the board

Worksheet - Horizontal Projectile Motion

Worksheet - Projectile Motion

Lab - Virtual Lab with Projectile Motion

Lab - Virtual Lab with Projectile Motion and Cannons

Lab - Ramp Lab (used for section 1)

Lab - 2D Cannon Lab with Beespi timers

Lab - 2D Cannon Lab without timers

Sample Problems on Powerpoint

Project - Catapult

Quiz - Projectile Motion End of Chapter Quiz (sample quiz)

Chapter 5: Forces and Newtons Laws


Notes - Section 1 Static Forces

Lab - Force Stations

Handout - Sin Cos Tan Functions

Handout - Copy of Section 1 Notes

Worksheet - Static Force Problems

Quiz - Static Force Quiz

Project - Build K'nex Bridges

Project - Building a Hovercraft

Notes - Section 2 Newtons Laws

Notes - Section 3 Friction

Lab - Friction Coefficient of Various Materials


Chapter 6: Energy


Notes - Section 1 Work and Energy

Lab - Find the Energy in a Rubber Band

Lab - Breaking Toothpics in PVC

Lab - Breaking Toothpics on a Ramp

Project - Knex Racing Car

Notes - Section 2 Kinetic and Potential Energy

Worksheet - KE and PE Problems

Lab - PE to KE on a Ramp Discovery

Lab - Rubber Band Cannon Lab

Notes - Section 3 Mechanical Energy

Worksheet - ME practice Problems 1

Worksheet - ME Practice Problems 2


Chapter 7: Momentum


 Notes - Section 1 Momentum and Impulse

Lab - Vitual momentum Lab

Quiz - Impulse Quiz

Lab - Momentum and Speed

Section 2:  Conservation of Momentum

Worksheet - Conservation of Momentum

Lab - Conservation of Momentum with Marbles

Lab - Virtual Air Track

Project - Crash Knex Cars




















 Semester 2

Chapter 8: Circlular Motion



Notes - Section 1 Rotational Motion Terms

Worksheet - Rotational Motion Terms 

Notes - Section 2 Centripetal Force

Lab - Centripetal Force Lab

Worksheet - Centripetal Force

Notes: Section 3 Torque

Lab - Torque Beam

Worksheet - Torque Problems


Sample Test

Chapter 9: Static Electricity and Charge


Notes - Section 1 Electrostatics

Lab - Induction Lab

Activity - Pie Pan Lab

Activity - Hovering Halo

Handout - Triboelectric Series

Lab - Mapping Electric Field Lines

Notes - Section 2 Properties of Electric Fields

Lab - Discovering electric fields with VDGs

Lab - Virtual Electric Fields

Quiz - Electric Field Quiz

Notes - Section 3 Electric Potential Energy and Capacitance

Worksheet - Section 3 capacitors


Chapter 10: Voltage and Current


Notes - Sections 1 Ohms Law and Parts of a Ciruit

Notes - Section 2 Series and Parallel Circuits

Lab - Discovery Parallel and Series Circuits

Handout - How to Use a Multimeter


Chapter 11: Magnetism


Notes: Section 1 Magnetic Field Properties

Lab - Magnetic Field Properties

Notes:  Section 2 Magnetic Induction

Lab - Discovering Magnetic Induction 

Worksheet - Magnetic Induction

Build - Making a DC Motor

Build - Building a speaker 

Notes:  Section 3 Transformers


Chapter 12: Waves


Notes - Section 1 Simple Harmonic Motion

Lab - Simple Harmonic Motion Lab

Notes - Section 2 Types of Waves

Lab - Discovering waves lab

Notes - Section 3 Wave Interference



Chapter 13: Building Electrical Circtuits With Breadboards

Chapter 14: Enviroment

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